Thought Leaders

Bipin Junnarkar - Business Performance Management and Analytics
Don McMahon - Manufacturing Analytics and IT Strategy
Emily Farmer - CRM & Financial Services
Eric Reed - Data Warehousing/ Business Intelligence
Ernie Emery - Infrastructure and Systems Integration
Gregory Shepard - Insurance
Mark Sholeye - Financial Services Strategy Systems
Michael Morley - Business, Information & Data Architecture
Peter Lalama - Software Product Development

Bipin Junnarkar is internationally known for his work in Knowledge Management. Bipin's experience spans business management, information technology, knowledge management and business process management. Bipin has directed development of very large active data warehouses to provide companies insightful information about their customers & operations. His work has earned recognition from the Smithsonian Institute for "innovative use of information technology for business applications." Both Hewlett Packard and Monsanto have been recipients of the "Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise" award during Bipin's tenure. Bipin has served on the World Bank Advisory Council on Knowledge Management. He serves on the editorial board of Journal of Knowledge Management. He is a well-recognized public speaker. The U.S. Army invited Bipin to speak at their symposium on "Decision Dominance" in 2003 as a keynote speaker.

Bipin served as Vice President, Data & Knowledge Management at Hewlett Packard Company in Palo Alto, California. Bipin joined Hewlett Packard as Vice President, Business Process Transformation in 2001. Prior to that Bipin served as Chief Knowledge Office and Vice President, Information Technology at Gateway Inc. in San Diego, California. Before joining Gateway Inc., Bipin served at Monsanto Company in St. Louis for twelve years where he established and led the Knowledge Management efforts.

Most recently, Bipin served as President & CTO at Axioplex. Axioplex offers products and services in Human Capital Management domain. Axioplex products and services are utilized for diagnostic and predictive analysis of company's human capital and are used the world over for improving organizational performance by understanding individual and collective values.

Bipin's current focus is on developing organizational decision-making and execution capabilities.

Bipin lives in San Diego with his wife and two children.

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Don is a highly motivated business executive with expertise and significant successes in the implementation of strategic information and inventory systems. Don is recognized as the world's expert in raw material selection, optimization and management as well as premier designer of information architectures and infrastructures for the 21st century.

Don has earned a reputation for being a creator and implementer of cost effective, global information systems which provide accurate, timely information resulting in a competitive advantage for the corporation. In his capacity as a technology and a business leader Don has consistently differentiated himself by delivering business results by leveraging appropriate technology and adapting IT systems to business needs/problems with substantial cost reduction.

Don has demonstrated a astute sense of predicting the technology directions and positioning the corporations to effectively benefit from the use of optimal technologies for positive business impact. His expertise encompasses E-COMMERCE STRATEGIES, RAW MATERIAL OPTIMIZATION, MATERIAL MANAGEMENT, INVENTORY REDUCTIONS, INTERNET STRATEGIES, IT CONSOLIDATIONS AND DIVESTITURES, CHINA JOINT VENTURE, IT BUDGET MANAGEMENT, DATA CENTER CONSOLIDATIONS.

Don is a widely published authority in Manufacturing Systems and Strategies, Computer Applications in Manufacturing and Statistical Analysis.

Don has earned an M.S., Systems Management, University of Pittsburgh, an M.S., Mathematical Statistics, Purdue University, a B.S., Engineering Science, Penn State University and attended several Executive Management Courses, MIT/Harvard/CMU

He is also a member of American Statistical Association
American Society of Quality Control
American Society of Metals
Duquesne University, MIS Advisory Board
Manufacturing Alliance, Information Systems Council
Carnegie Mellon University, Center for Iron & Steel, President (1987)

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Emily has an extensive expertise organizational, operational and information technology strategies for achieving TCO - Total Customer Orientation. She has advised senior executives in the financial services, technology, and other industries, with a focus on: strategic planning, business development, business brokering, process development, impact assessment, business case development, and design and development of executive seminars and training programs. Emily has held senior management positions with PwC, IBM, Hartford Insurance and Mellon Financial Services.

Emily has advised software technology firms on product development and positioning, developed board-level business cases to obtain funding, led major customer information systems development projects, and conducted landmark research studies.

Emily has been a frequent speaker at conferences on the subjects of customer relationship management and information strategy.

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Eric is a senior information dynamics professional with over eighteen years experience in building, development, implementation and supporting of complex data warehouse, analytic, reporting and business intelligence infrastructure for sales, marketing, human resource, financial, and scientific applications in private and public sector organizations.

Eric has an excellent background in effectively bridging the gap between business and information technology. He is a strategic thinker with a keen ability to identify and document key areas of business pain that ultimately drive a solution's return on investment.

Eric also has a strong, hands-on background in requirements definition, dimensional modeling, data integration, online analytical processing (OLAP), and complex report writing. In addition, Eric is a process-oriented manager experienced in all facets of solution development including governance, needs assessment, ETL processing, database design, reporting and analysis, and end-user support.

Eric has established a reputation for building and managing business-focused teams of IT professionals including application developers, systems analyst, data architects, ETL specialists, and database administrators; experienced in effective vendor relations.

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Ernie is a senior technology and business advisor with over thirty years experience in helping medium and large enterprises adopt the business processes and technology innovations to drive efficiencies.

Ernie has a strong user-based understanding of IT needs and capabilities, and the cost constraints behind every good idea. In his various technology leadership and advisory roles, Ernie has created consistent cost and production efficiencies through integration of people, processes, networks and systems. Ernie has led the process of cultural change to build collaborative partnerships among vendors, customers and providers. Ernie is an avid Six Sigma practitioner.

He has served the Computer and Automated Systems Association (CASA) as participant in assessing candidates and selecting winner of Society of Manufacturing Engineering (SME) Leadership Award.

Ernie combines and strategic thinking approach with a practitioners pragmatism to help companies build the systems and software applications that can easily meet the current and future IT needs of an organization.

Ernie has earned M.S. Mathematics, University of Dayton. BS Education (Mathematics), Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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Greg has an extensive experience in helping insurance companies (P&C, Life) take advantage of modern technology to maximize profitability and provide increased value to the clients.

He has worked as a C-level IT executive for several mid to large size insurance companies and has advised several senior executives on achieving an "efficient frontier" between infrastructure modernization as well as retooling the existing applications/business process for maximized business performance.

Greg has held most of the IT management positions available in insurance environment, up to and including the division CIO position for the international division of a multi-line insurer.

His background includes a heavy emphasis on department management, cost effective adaptation of new technologies for insurance processes, and strategic planning.

He has been a featured speaker at the IASA and LOMA on EAI, SOA, Technology Strategies for the Insurance Industry.

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Mark has over twenty years of strategic and tactical experience as a manager and consultant. He has worked with companies that span private and public sector and across the size spectrum. His vertical industry experience includes high tech, financial services, education, manufacturing and distribution, utilities, and oil and gas.

As an executive, Mark has run consulting practices, and led major systems integration projects for numerous erstwhile BIG 5 corporations.

Mark has presented at and served as a moderator at user conferences and at national conferences such as the Banking Administration Institute (BAI). He is a graduate of Yale University (BA) and Texas A&M University (MBA).

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Michael is a senior level Information Systems Architect with over twenty years experience creating technical architectures. Michael has extensive expertise in helping businesses achieve measurable business results by successfully deploying innovative IT strategies and tools. Michael has a deep background in retail, healthcare and financial services industries at various stages of technology adoption such as business needs analysis, ROI and Risk Modeling, and performance measurement and post implementation success analysis.

Michael has an in-depth background in various technologies and systems applications in various industries and has successfully leveraged that information to design the IT architectures for companies looking to implement appropriate business technologies, adapt/reengineer the existing systems to meet pressing business challenges OR to standardize the systems and technologies across various business functions and needs.

Michael has facilitated several business/technology meetings to help clients identify the pressing business and competitive pressures and develop appropriate IT strategies to meet these challenges. He has developed multiple strategic IT infrastructure plans focusing on consolidating legacy technology and creating new technical environments that allow rapid support for new business initiatives.

Michael has an extensive expertise in Data Quality Management and Analysis and in-depth, hands-on experience implementing new technologies, and new architectural concepts and principles.

In addition, Michael has a considerable knowledge in emerging technologies. Such as Java, J2EE, EJB, EAI and Web Services (.NET & J2EE).

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Peter is a seasoned executive with eighteen years in information technology. He founded four software product companies and has helped start seven others. In addition, he has started successful consulting practices and implemented successful alliance programs.

Peter has held the senior product engineering positions and authored numerous articles, white papers and technical books. He has been published and quoted in numerous trade publications, including Datamation, Software Magazine, Computerworld, PC Week, and DM Review. He has been a regular speaker at large IT conferences. He has spoken regularly on data warehousing and data integrity in the United States and abroad.

Peter has a Bachelors Degree from the SUNY and a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin

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