SOA and Web Services

SOA and Web Services is Datavibes Technologies' core practice offering. Almost all of the application's development and integration, as well as the data integration projects, are implemented using SOA models.

Our experts engage with business and IT executives to deliver critical operating efficiencies by leveraging SOA and Web Services. As a result, there are more opportunities for closer business and IT alignment that allows the client to achieve strategic business goals such as:
  • Cost savings
  • Revenue opportunities
  • Customer loyalty.
Strategic Services

SOA Strategy and Planning: SOA Business Alignment
Datavibes Technologies' SOA business modeling solution is geared to help organizations visualize potential achievable gains through the use of SOA. Our experts help link SOA adoption to the client's business strategy, organizational requirements, and business processes.

SOA Governance Solutions and Services
Governance is critical to the success of an SOA. Datavibes Technologies' SOA Governance Services include:
  • SOA Governance assessments
  • SOA Governance model design (including organizational models)
  • SOA goals, principles, and policies
  • Governance process design, policy development, enforcement mechanisms, and organizational optimization services
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Strategy Blueprinting
Datavibes Technologies' approach to identifying, modeling, and implementing web services is a process-driven model based on business needs. Through consultation with the IT and business executives, our experts develop a strategic blueprint based on the business value of the SOA strategy. This blueprint is the services portfolio of the organization and gets regularly updated to accommodate changes. This blueprint also serves as a solutions development artifact used to implement the SOA strategy in a phased implementation model.
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ROI Modeling
Datavibes Technologies works with clients to establish the business case and ROI model for an SOA initiative. We use various widely accepted ROI models to map the business goals and then work backward to the specific value that can deliver both the desired business and financial results.
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Change Management
Successful SOA implementation requires certain behavioral and cultural changes to be made within an organization. While the underlying technology is designed to accommodate change at the application level, corresponding organizational, behavioral and process level changes are more difficult to achieve. Our executive resources have managed large organizations through these changes for numerous years and work closely with the IT leadership teams to identify and address these issues effectively.
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Tactical Services

Staff Augmentation
Datavibes Technologies offers SOA and web services staff augmentation for our clients seeking the very best talent in a tight SOA labor market. Highly skilled application architects, who are able to identify the correct resources that can significantly impact the client's projects, staff our Professional Services group. In addition, Datavibes Technologies continually recruits highly skilled SOA specialists (Microsoft & Java Specialists) who are available to help on a client project with very short notice.

Technology Implementation
Datavibes Technologies' SOA Technology Services team helps identify, prioritize, and implement appropriate SOA technology solutions such as:
  • Web Services Management platforms
  • Service registries (UDDI or ebXML)
  • Metadata repositories
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and messaging platforms
  • SOA runtime platforms, development tools, XML modeling tools, and more.
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SOA: Service-Oriented Development Process and Tools
Datavibes Technologies has extended its proven software development processes and methodologies to SOA development and governance. Since the technology and standards of SOA governance and are still maturing, Datavibes Technologies' experts help IT leadership leverage our methodology or adapt the client methodology to accommodate SOA oriented development and governance. Our broad vendor market knowledge and vendor neutral approach allows Datavibes Technologies to advise our clients in the most effective manner regarding technology platforms and applications that will best serve the needs of the business while positioning them for future agility and growth.
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The benefits of Datavibes Technologies' SOA and Web services include:
  • Actionable and Reliable Data True business-technology alignment occurs when technology assets enhance the businesses ability to make future judgments based on the past performance.
  • Rapid Response Having a team of experts who have worked on numerous challenging projects allows clients to develop a rapid response strategy to a competitive move or leverage the teams domain knowledge to develop a proactive competitive position.
  • Operational Control Having experts continually monitor database performance issues and proactively address these without a decline in productivity.
  • Backup team Having access to a team of resources, at all levels, fully conversant with the client systems.
  • Risk Free Having total control over the hiring process, project deliverables, management strategy, and terms of engagement.
  • Cross platform technology skills Datavibes Technologies' data team has the ability to adapt to the client organizations choice of platforms.
  • Flexibility to leverage the domain knowledge, industry best practices, and the data team's ability to offer on- or off-site services, and choose an engagement model that is most appropriate for meeting business and technology goals.