Engagement Strategies

Datavibes Technologies offers several engagement strategies that are flexible enough to allow clients to exploit specific strengths of their organization, as well as the abilities of our development teams.

The engagement models primarily differ from each other in how the tasks and the responsibilities of the project deliverables are shared.

The ability to choose a specific engagement strategy affords the following benefits to all Datavibes Technologies' clients:
  • Risk Avoidance: By expanding the scope of relationship at a comfortable pace
  • Higher Quality: By developing the mutual process maturity to minimize the inherent project quality deterrents like communication fidelity
  • Pain-free Transition: By having established a mutual comfort and "knowledge beacons" with lower risk strategies
  • Reduced Cost: By validating and testing the tools, processes, and management approaches before committing the larger resource
Staff Augmentation
Staff augmentation is the most basic engagement strategy. It allows Clients to assess the capabilities of Datavibes Technologies without any significant long-term commitment. Therefore, the Client controls the knowledge transfer process.

Staff augmentation allows clients to engage resources from Datavibes Technologies' team, or ones that Datavibes Technologies can hire to help them deliver a specific project objective. Among Datavibes Technologies' many strengths are:
  • Experienced Project Managers and former developers act as recruiters. Most recruiters have technical development OR project management experience of 3+ years.
  • Localized recruiting: Project recruiters have the resources and ability to hire external resources within the client's local area, which reduces the travel costs and availability overheads on the projects.
  • Consulting Company resources: Unlike the traditional staffing only companies, such as Adecco, Kelly, and Modis, Datavibes Technologies appreciates the needs of clients and maintains a highly accurate database of highly skilled and proven experts, thus allowing Datavibes Technologies to deliver actual results
  • Specialization: We specialize in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Web Services and SOA resources. We are specialized with the tools and technology and with both functional and technical packaged application consultants, such as SAP, ORACLE - Peoplesoft/JDE/Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics, COGNOS, MicroStrategy, etc.
Benefits of Staff Augmentation:
  • Risk Free: Total control over the hiring process, project deliverables, management strategy, and terms of engagement
  • Project execution speed: By having the highly competent specialists available as needed. Normally we are able to fill a project staffing need within 8 - 12 business hours.
  • Cross-platform technology skills: The recruiting team has the ability to meet a diverse set of the client requirements from virtual CIO, project manager, developer and to do so across a variety of technology domains such as developers on legacy and current development environments, packaged application implementation, and functional/technical resources
  • Technical fit: Our processes involve a detailed understanding of the consultant's background, skills, and references before presenting them to clients. Our 90+% success rate in interviews in indicative of our resource manager's ability to find the most appropriate consultants. Our exact fit is a result of technical expertise, as well as environmental and cultural considerations
  • Cost-savings: Reduces the project lead time and cost, by nearly eliminating the technology learning curve. By selecting consultants with relevant experience, the gap within the business domain is also reduced. We bill for time and materials, so there's no over-use (overtime) or under-use of resources.
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Co- Managed Services
Co-managed services offer Datavibes Technologies' clients a low-risk strategy to sample the efficacy of the outsourced model in a client environment. Client managers retain project management aspects, which allow the project development teams to work directly with project leaders.

There are several key characteristics of co-managed solutions:
  • Phased outsourcing
  • High rewards
  • Flexibility
  • "Any-Shore" capability
  • Extended resource base
Benefits of Co-Managed Services:
  • Risk Avoidance: Clients develop a shared expectation and knowledge model that leverages the competencies of both Datavibes Technologies and the client organization
  • Validation: The project management team can better calibrate ROI models based on the enhanced visibility into each others' processes and practices
  • Immediate ROI: The project teams can identify sources of high costs and high risk. Clients can then engage strategies specifically tailored to significantly reduce costs and avoid risk
  • Smooth resource ramp-up: Project teams are able to plan for the optimal resources and, in many cases, for the least-case scenario. This brings with it the assurance that any additional resource requirements for project engagement can be met by the partner
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Fully-Managed Project
The fully-managed project model is especially suitable for the clients looking for a dependable partner to take on the task of managing a complete solution lifecycle, delivering the results as mutually agreed in the SLA (Service Level Agreements).

Typically, our experts take complete ownership of your project, from start to finish. We assess the client's needs and then assemble a complete team under our own project management to design and execute the optimal solution for the client's organization.

Datavibes Technologies' teams are measured on the business benefit delivered. Characteristics of fully-managed project models are:
  • Fixed costs
  • Service level oriented
  • Full benefit of Datavibes Technologies' methodology
  • Diverse platform competency
  • Full task visibility
  • Reduced costs for offshore development
Benefits of Fully-Managed Projects are:
  • Risk management: Fixed price model versus a time and labor model
  • Comfort: A team of experts develops your solution
  • Longer-term benefits: A team of experts allocated to the project for an extended time, as opposed to a project model, while providing ongoing maintenance and support
  • Reduced Costs: Less ongoing knowledge management overhead
  • Innovation: The ability to engage process and industry experts to offer innovative approaches