Datavibes helps clients offer "friendlier and safer skies" while at the same time experiencing a reduction in development costs by utilizing a broad based experience and niche expertise.

Datavibes' experts leverage a broad range of experiences and a deep expertise in the business and technology goals of Airline Carriers, Aerospace Manufacturers and Suppliers to not only help these companies develop and demonstrate FAA compliance, but also help them accomplish global scale operational excellence goals.
Our consultants realize that our clients face extensive Regulatory and Market Pressures such as:
  • Systemic and finished product FAA Compliance,
  • Commercial off the shelf (COTS) Application evaluation and certification,
  • Reduced profit margins per passenger,
  • High maintenance costs of customer facing and back-office applications
  • Disparate platforms for multiple functions
  • Specialized application and embedded system development
Datavibes' consultants have extensive experience in both ground based and in-flight systems. Over the last 17 years, our experts have helped several large defense and aerospace suppliers (HAL, National Aeronautics Laboratory, ADA, ISRO) develop and implement models and software tools to address the above challenges cost efficiently.

Our clients achieve measurable value gains by engaging our consultants to help reduce the project resource requirements by as much as 50%. Our expert resources have been able to help clients build complex in-flight and ground based applications at a fraction of the cost while maintaining conformance to DOD2167A/DO-178B standards, implementing appropriate trace-ability and controls thus mitigating the risk of delays product launch and enhancement.

In addition to the new application development, our consultants and software development teams have helped clients:
  • Maintain applications and support the user base with a significantly reduced costs
  • Develop certification plans and roadmaps for both regulatory approval
  • Through the evaluation phase of COTS products and development of alternative methods for satisfying regulatory requirements
  • Through evaluation of software infrastructure integrity including configuration management procedures, long-term archival strategies, disaster recovery planning and quality systems
  • Review and approval of software data items required by DO-178B including, if needed, 8110.3 form submissions to the FAA
  • Maintain, migrate and enhance cargo operations and various client facing applications
  • Build embedded applications to control all the Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) in a fighter aircraft
Our consultants have extensively worked on tools and technologies that have extensive applications in the aviation industry. These include niche languages and tools (ADA, J2ME, pSOS, VxWorks, Coldfire), mobile platforms (WinCE, Embedded Linux) and processes (DOD 178B, DOD2167A, FAGAN Inspection Techniques)